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Arda Minion

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 5:10 pm
by Darksatin
I am trying to make an Arda [-me_eye-] Minion deck.
So, I wanted to know if special rules are in effect.
For example, I plan to make a special deck with magic cards and ringwraith cards (unleashed, mode cards...).
Other ideas ?

Re: Arda Minion

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2010 7:23 pm
by thorondor
i have put together a minion arda some time ago. i played once and we started with a ringwraith in black rider mode (which was always in play).
some randomly chosen mode card sounds fine as well (maybe change it each round?)

Re: Arda Minion

Posted: Tue Jun 22, 2010 5:11 am
by Frodo
Hello Darksatin,

I've been interested in seeing a workable Minion Arda deck for some time. My understanding is that these decks can be quite boring, though.

I think one solution is to fully embrace the minion Virtual Cards from Virtual Set 1. Either go with Wolfgang's approach, and/or have each player get one of his RW's "Unleashed" card in his starting hand. Basically some of these RWS need to be seriously bolstered and only allowing a starting unleashed card will help. I mean the virtual unleasheds, by the way.

This will be a start. After Minion ARDA becomes more playtested, you will probably find that some new cards need to be made altogether (meaning, ARDA-only cards with new text). Then someone like you or Thorsten can make them.

I would be interested in you posting your successes and failures.


Re: Arda Minion

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 5:02 pm
by Darksatin
My Minion Arda deck is not finished. I have not all the cards I need (mainly, Lidless Eye rares are missing).
But I know all the cards I want to use :
- Characters : 2 of each (but no agents)
- MP Resource deck : 202 cards
- "Whisper of the Rings" deck : 40 cards
- Minor Items deck : 51 cards
- Magic and Ringwraith cards : 95
- non MP Resources : 240 cards
- Hazards : 240 cards (120 creatures, 120 events)
Some of my ideas :
- the "Whisper of the Rings" deck : 3 rings cards are always available
- Magic and Ringwraith cards are in a special pile. When you draw cards, you can take them in the normal resources/hazards pile, or draw in this special pile, if you want to use a Magic or/and Ringwraith strategy
Not yet decided :
- may be include the agents (as characters)
- the idea of Wolfgang (start with the Ringwraith in Black Rider mode) seems interesting
- allow 25 GI for controlling characters

For now, I am not interested to include virtual or new cards. I prefer to test with normal cards.
But, unfortunately, I have not many occasions to play !

Re: Arda Minion

Posted: Sat Jun 26, 2010 10:18 pm
by thorondor
Darksatin wrote: - the idea of Wolfgang (start with the Ringwraith in Black Rider mode) seems interesting
dominique is right: it was not an unleashed card, but black rider.
the idea was to have an active ringwraith. i would also like to see heralded lord and fell rider in action. so what about having all 3 mode cards from the very start with your ringwraith. the players decides which one is used for the next turn.

Re: Arda Minion

Posted: Wed Jun 30, 2010 12:43 pm
by Luitprand
I have built a Minion-ARDA-Deck after the last Lure.

It's is without rares, but I think it's quite boring, because the the most of magiccards are rare and you have not so much cards like hero-deck (more expansions there).
It's is not playtested. My hazards are also not so hard that you can get some MP per turn.

If you have ideas for a good ARDA-Deck. Let me know.

The Ideas with starting-Ringwraith-mode card and special magic card-pile sounds good.
The Problem is that you only draw from the special magic card pile. Maybe you need a limit to draw.

Re: Arda Minion

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 7:00 am
by Goblin King
Just wanted to post a note here that I'm in the process of finally creating a Nine Ringwraith Area deck. We are in the process of constructing it right now and will begin play testing it later this year. It involves all Ringwraiths having access to any of the three modes while at [-me_dha-] and we begin with a Prone to Violence in play (and two other copies shuffled into the massive deck.
When you draw a ring and take it somewhere for testing, you draw three from a special Ring deck and if any of those match the role, you get that kind of ring.