733-play Dwar

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733-play Dwar

Post by dirhaval » Thu Jan 18, 2018 12:22 am

Dwar earned the lowest MPs of all players – 14. It was 26 starting Turn 22. CvCCs wiped out
many points. Yet, I would say this player failed in his mission: Abhorred Ring was not played
and Éowyn visited Eriador unwounded for CvCC. She was CvCC by this player the prior turn.
Seven CvCC against White Players were made including desperate assaults. Five hostile sites
were visited. But he killed through CvCC, hazards, or agents four Théoden King players.
The Ring of Flame is in play, but no factions ended play. I think the factions were later discarded,
which I need to document next time in the host’s play file.
He lost eight characters to body checks. A low amount of sites were tapped – 12.
Only Wolve’s Feed seemed useless with the lack of allies in play. Many regions were used. Card
flow was poor for the second deck. The avatar was played on Turn 5; that penalized this player.
Ringwraith only moved to two “unsafe” sites: Haudh-in-Gwanur and Bandit Lair. That was a
disappointment. The sorcery events were seen more than blue skies. Two non-RW moving
companies did not emerge until Turn 14. Again, that is late. I want two moving companies
maybe as late as Turn 12. Ash-drake was a nuisance. Four of them were faced. Four Horse-lords
too were faced: two early and two late in the game.
Always Black Horses was played on Turn 4. Seven turns were spent near or in Rohan or in
Gondor. Gaurhir was killed by Fatty Bolger on Turn 24. 20 sorcery cc were made by non-RW
characters. Agent Leamon was killed at Willow Dingle. Freca kills Eowyn using Cunning Foes.
An average pile of 109 strikes rolled including 43 in last 8 turns. 20 body checks gave 8 deaths
and 0 discards. 43 corruption checks were made. Only the Ringwraith did not roll a
body check. Five characters rolled for 10+ strikes. Miruimor rolled 20 strikes and Haeldwyn 18
strikes dying on the last roll.
This player faced 24 creatures from 60 hazards, but 4 was agent actions.
There were 42 moving companies and 54 total companies. 29 of the movements were 3+ regions.
Average hazard limit was 2.6, which is average. About 145 regions used including
26 Wildernesses, 51 Shadow-lands, and 50 Dark-Domains.
He had 54 site phases including 13 at a Darkhaven, 6 Ruins & Lairs, and 13 Dark-holds. he
visited the most Border-holds at 10 at this point in the analysis. he is the only non-balrog
character to not visit a Free-hold.
First deck exhausted on Turn 10. Second deck exhaust on 20. First deck shuffled 10 cards and
drew 8.7 cards/turn. Second deck shuffled 8 cards and drew 10 cards/turn. The game ended with
38 cards in the play deck. 11 sites were tapped.
Wolf and Freca attack 6x all against Theoden King. Agents kill 3 and wound another 3.
Dwar visits Haudh-in-Gwanur to combat Imrahil’s characters. He wounds Argirion on Turn 10.
Turn 13 had five minions visit Theoden at Southron Oasis. More Sense Than You protects
Snowmane and Theoden King. Some Secret Art of Flame used by Miruimor. Ulkaur barrels into
Noble Steed wounding the ally. Haeldwyn wounds the other Noble Steed. Virsh strikes quickly
killing Eomer. Eothain overcomes Uchel and wounds the minion. Guthlaf laughs are the dark arts
rolling a 9 against Miruimor rolls a 4 and becomes wounded. Nothing to Eat or Drink on the
minions caused both minions to be wounded due to loss of one by two combats.
The next turn Dwar ambushes Faramir’s company at Nurniag Camp using SSAF. He wounds
Anborn. Saruman visits Mount Doom hoping to miss Dwar. But his Unleashed is used to visit
the pool of lava. Lo! Robin Smallburrow plays Concealment using….what to hide?
Turn 23 has Gaurhir, Bulrakaur, and Virsh visit Dunharrow against a wounded Erkenbrand and
Eowyn plus untapped Grimbold and tapped Treebeard. Treebeard takes nothing from Virsh
wounding the Orc. Grimbold smacks Gaurhir with a wound. Then Erkenbrand uses Guthwine to
slash Bulrakaur with a wound.
The last turn has Miruimor and Uchel visit Dol Guldur to attack Thranduil. Woodelf and Dweller
become rewounded. Three wounded minions visit Ost-in-Edhil against Gandalf, Frodo, and
Fatty. Frodo ducks from Bulrakaur and wounds him. Fatty has veins of ice and kills Gaurhir who
will howl no more. A wounded Gandalf is made to roll a body check.
turn notes with stats
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