712-play Saruman

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712-play Saruman

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This player stored an inverted Into the Smoking Cone and played three magic rings. A side
benefit was receiving a Ring for Mortal Men via Lord of Gifts. Draw rates were good. Would
like to see more hazards played. Only two characters killed. Two CvCC were initiated and one
defended. There were 26 moving companies. The game ended with 54 cards in the third
playdeck. I think I can exhaust a third deck given moving more companies and using On-guard. I
moved a company to Hau Nysrin on Turn 24 for better use during the Power Decks.
Saruman and the palantir were played on Turn 5 at Isengard. The quest for the mission lasted five
turns and ended on Turn 16. I have considered switching palantiri with Lady Galadriel to allow
Saruman to play a palantir at any greater item site.
Two characters were killed. Ashmaar faced two strikes at Dale of Long Silence. Aegnor was
killed during CvCC with Ren’s minions.
12 creatures faced in first 16 turns, then 8 in the last eight turns. 13 hazards were agent actions.
Thus 46 hazards were events. 13 of the first 17 turns provided one or no effective hazards played
against Saruman. For example, New Moon is effective, but not Doors of Night or Inner Cunning.
This meant that it was common to have untapped characters to start the site phase. The eight
turns gave 42 hazards from the 79 total.
66 hazards were played by Saruman – 18 on Throkmaw. Dire Wolves, Uiendarlaif, and Wolves
were killed x1.
First deck exhausted on Turn 12, but Turn 9 started with 22 in the playdeck. Second deck
exhaust on Turn 20. Turn 19 started with 31. 10 non-Lordhaven sites were tapped.
Ahar and Cram starting in the deck never played.
The palantir was Far-Sight on Turn 4 and played on Turn 5.
Palantir shuffles (Wizard Uncloaked, Wake of War, Marvels Told, Fair gold Ring, Faction, Stars,
character, Concealment).
Fair gold rings were played on Turns 3,9,12,12,20,23 or 6/7.
Elf-stone played on Turn 9.
Giant ally played on Turn 9.
Trickery played 5/6 cancels Men x3, Giant x1, fails x1
Concealment played 6/6. The weakest attack affected was Ruffians at 4s7p.
Marvels Told played 4/5.
Wielded Twice played 0/5. Event not in deck x1.
Far-Sight played 1/7.
FTiDD played 2/5.
Stars played 1/5.
Face Out of Sight played 4/6.
And Forth He Hastened played 5/5.
A Chance Meeting played 2/5.
First of the Order played 3/6.
Elf-friend played on Turn 20.
Wizard’s Pupil played on Turn 22.
Original hazards in the playdeck were drawn 93x. 64 were played. That is a nice ratio.
Merkampa Ahunt played 0/2.
Merkampa at Home played 1/2.
Dire Wolves played 6/7, one killed.
Uiendarlaif played 2/5 one killed.
Variag Horse-Raiders played zero/5.
Wargs played 6/7.
War-wargs played 6/7.
Wolf-Riders player 0/4.
Wolves played 3/5.
Legacy of Carcaroth played 3/5.
Rabies played 2/5.
Wake of War played 6/6.
Power Built By Waiting played 4/5.
Long Dark Reach played 5/7.
Aware of Their Ways removed.
An Unexpected Outpost played 6/7.
The Ring's Betrayal played 3/3.
Something Else at Work played 3oo4.
You've Put Your Finger In It played 2/2.
Facing Northern Waste division. 11 hazards from that division; 3 from Ren.
T01-Nothing to play but A Chance Meeting and Woodelf in hand. All move to Isengard. Werewolf
attacks; Concealment cancels. Were-worm played. Brandir ties with much help.
T02-Saruman is played at Isengard. ACM plays Aegnor. Some move to Lorien; others to
Hermit’s Hill to play minor items. Baduila is at Hermit’s Hill, revealed and discarded.
T03-Fair Gold Ring in hand. All move to Telpemar. Were-worm attacks. Sacrifice of Form fails
all strike, body check kills. Trickery cancels site AA. Ring is played with Forgotten Scrolls.
T04-26 mind under 20 GI; Vishtaspa discarded. Some move to Isengard and others to Dimrill
Dale. Ring and Far-sight in hand. Thunder’s Companion attacks; Trickery cancels. Cave Worm
attacks in Gap of Isengard. Ashmaar wounded. Brandir wounded by Giant.
Far-Sight fetches the palantir. Only wounded at Isengard.
NOTE: Things going well. Need to get that palantir played soon.
Facing Eriador Division. 9 hazards from that division; 0 more from Ren.
T05-Saruman played at Isengard. Either stay or move to that site. Light-drake is faced by Midhir.
A Chance Meeting plays Robin Smallburrow after AA. Palantir played.
T06-All move to Lorien. Land-drake with Dragon’s Terror; no one taps. Robin kills creature with
T07-All move to Rhubar. Dwarven Travelers taps none. Trolls from the Mountains smelled
dwarf. Concealment cancels. Wild Trolls wounds Midhir.
T08-Midhir discarded. All move to Elanthia.
NOTE: Game is going good. The palantir is in play with the characters at Elanthia.
Facing Harad Division. 6 hazards from that division; 1 more from Ren.
T09-Psousen, gold ring x2, WIKA, Giant ally in hand. Psousen is played. Some move to
Azagarbhum and others to Dale of Long Silence. Border-watch taps Robin. Ashmaar is killed
facing two strikes from Dale of Long Silence AA. Gold ring and Elf-stone played there. Giant
ally is played at the mountain site.
T10-Deck now with 8 cards. All move to Elanthia. Ring tested for MR Words.
T11-Varadir is played at Elanthia. Hall of Fire played. Align Palantir played. All stay.
T12-deck exhausted. Orthir played. In hand (Concealment, gold ring, ISCone, Vanishment, Stars,
FTiDD). Some move to Kref Masar. Tidings of Bold Spies played; Giant ally taps. Symbol of
Malice taps a few characters at the Ruins&Lairs. ItSC played. Play of gold ring and its test.
Facing Wilderland Division. 8 hazards from that division; 3 more from Ren.
T13- Saruman and others move to Temple of Lokuthor; others stay. Moving to this site gives
cover at the hidden site. Cave-drake attacks, but cancelled with magic ring. Concealment cancels
AA. A gold ring is played and later tested (Courage).
T14-Lord Denethor is at Cirith Ungol. In Hand (FotO, Saruman x2, FTiDD x2, Vanishment)
FTiDD played and move to Mount Doom. Agent Anarin at that site attacks. Vanishment cancels.
Mount Doom entered. Forgotten Scrolls is discarded to invert Into the Smoking Cone.
T15-Saruman now moves to Variag Camp to avoid Uvatha’s minions since that Ringwraith has
the site in the discard pile. FTiDD played. New Moon taps Orthir. Doomed to Die is played on
Brandir for the corruption check of -5 real modification.
from Necromancer’s deck file of Aegnor receiving Ring for Mortal Men.
Rivermen of the Anduin Vales taps to look at 5 cards in pd: fetches Ring For Mortal Men.
Want to give the ring to the player for later corruption or stealing
Tarcil taps to make an INF with Lord of Gifts and Ring for Mortal Men(Hero) on Aegnor.
Tarcil, +1.di+3.ring+2.friend+8.offering-5.cross+7roll=16, fail.
Saruman, 8.gi+6.mind+11roll+25.
Varadir supports cc.
Aegnor makes a cc, +1.sup-1.palantir-2.align-3.ring+7roll=2, pass.
T16-All move to or stay at Elanthia. No creature hazards. Aegnor now has 6 CP. ItSC stored.
NOTE: 24 MP and 56 cards in deck. I would like to have half of that total for cards. Game is
moving at a nice pace for Saruman.
Facing Gondor Division. 17 hazards from that division; 2 from Ren.
T17-RfMM is stored. May be not in the spirit of the card, but I’ll try it in this game. Some move
to Arentaurr for playing a character. No site phase.
T18-Saruman A Chance Meeting with Folco Arentaurr. Some stay, some move to Nennurad and
others to Elanthia. Brandir is not Seized By Terror from Variag Horse-Raiders. Brandir taps
magic ring to cancel. Influence Destruction, RT and SYCB, played. Varadir plays WIKA.
T19- Some stay at Elanthia. Others move to Poison Rock or to Elanthia.
Morgai-flies taps Robin. Chill Douser under a Moon is Dead attacks Aegnor and Orthir, tie was
the worse roll. Brandir again tempted by Seized By Terror. Saruman enters Sturlurtsa.
Vanishment cancels. Saruman CvCC Aknazeh and wounds the minion.
T20-Psousen played at Elanthia. Elf-friend played on him. Aegnor and Orthir move to Dale of
Long Silence. Saruman moves there. Uvatha plays Variag Horse-Raiders; Trickery cancels.
Aegnor wounded by Rats! Dale of Long Silence is entered – almost full of Undead with The
Moon is Dead and Plague of Wights in play. Concealment and Vanishment cancel. Fair Gold
Ring and Forgotten Scrolls played. Wizard’s Test used to play MR Stealth.
Council Turns: 21 hazards from that division; 16 from Ren.
T21-All move to or stay at Elanthia. Ren plays The Ring's Betrayal, Nobody's Friend, Ruffians,
Near to Hear a Whisper, Brigands. Ruffians canceled by Concealment. Brigands either cancelled
by MR Stealth or tied with Varadir.
T22-Wizard’s Pupil played on Psousen. Orthir moves alone to Ulk Chey Sart. 7 characters stay at
Elanthia. Lindal fails to play Taarum Elves. Psousen unstores Ring for Mortal Men. Orthir enters
the site and sees a Symbol of Malice. He CvCC Aknazeh. He wounds Aknazeh.
T23-Some stay at Elanthia. All others move to Kref Masar. Gold ring played there.
T24-Some move to Hau Nysrin. Others stay at Elanthia. Ren plays Lure of Expedience, Doomed
to Die, Lure of Creation, Brigands. Brandir survives DtD. He plays Trickery to cancel Brigands.
stats and game notes of full practice game
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