385-Turn Sequence Council Turns

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385-Turn Sequence Council Turns

Post by dirhaval » Wed Oct 26, 2016 5:15 am

Council Turns is a a new term. These are the four turns to end the Avatar Deck/Warlord Phase
that are turns 21-24.

I have been thinking about this since the Last Alliance.
Three options are on the table next to the overly simplified map of Gondor and Mordor.

1] Continue the same with the other turns as a round-robin
This option is safer for the resource players.

2] The first hazard player will always be the main hazard player for the resource player
and shuffle the other three in the division for hazard players 2,3,4
This adds more danger to the resource player.

3] One-on-One turns to mirror a regular tournament game.
This can be brutal to the resource player. I can imagine 10 hazards played each turn.
Now, do all the players go at once? What about global cards or those shared in the division?
I would not want a "closed-circuit" game at this point. Lidless Eye needs help from Ardagor playing
No Way Forward to slow hobbits.
Shared and other global cards will be "felt" by other players at the start of the next turn.
Thus, Turn 24 will be in essence one-on-one. Now, if this happens this can cause the players
to be too busy to know what else is happening or plan CvCC against many players, which is fine with me.

Imagine, playing 20 turns in 20 hours. Four more turns to go. Your Potion of Prowess emptied hours ago,
crumbs of Cram on your shirt, Waybread eaten by in another age, Twice-baked Cakes after taste in your mouth,
No more refills of Miruvoir at the castle. Do you really want to play brutal turns while keeping track of other players?

I prefer option #1, but have the main hazard player be the first hazard player on Turn 21.

After Turn 20, I will make copies of the files.
I will play Option #3 first. If that is bad, then Option #1 will be tried.

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