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Post by dirhaval » Sat Dec 20, 2014 3:34 am

Akhorahil has returned to his fiefdom with magic-users. This sorcerer
will play many magic events (16 different) to stop Pallando in Far Harad.

Magic Rings and the lost Emerald of Unlight will shine destruction upon the
free peoples along the Yellow Mountains including those stubborn dwarves.
Several factions will be marshaled for battle as the Army of the Southron Dragon.
Half-trolls and man factions will battle against dwarf and man factions from Far Harad and the Seven Lands.
The Ringwraith's old home, Ny Chennacatt, will be made into a place of security and healing with
Hold Rebuilt and Repaired and House of Lamentations.

Akhorahil will move using Fell Rider and use Eyes of Well to place Dark Enchantments on heroes.
His main opponent is Pallando in the Harad Division.

The hazard deck is heavy on Desert hazards to play against Pallando. Half of the creatures are
animals of the Sun-lands. Four Ranger agents will cause Roadblock or harm to heroes. Seek without Success
and Cunning Foes will put an arrow in your back.

If you want a magic deck, then this is it.

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Re: 635-Akhorahil_RangerRoadblock

Post by dirhaval » Thu Jan 25, 2018 5:11 pm

There were some changes to the resources and much to the hazards.

Vaal Gark was removed for Om-buri-Om. The grey agent went to a hero player.
I added another Dunadan Mariner with now a change in the starting company allowing four minions.
Eradan leaves to bring Djerul as 4-mind spirit-magician.

Faction Yatali-Gan removed for other factions. I think most of the desert factions are in use
for the new game. Clan Bulgan removed for Aukuag. Muranians removed. Two Sand Demon allies
and Conjure the Tempest added. The allies can sit at Ny Chennacatt. Faster Than the Winds
added to help Fell Rider Akhorahil to reach Benish Amon quicker, but does it allow
use on a Ringwraith? I added another Well-Preserved.
A Malady without Healing still not in the deck; it will be a Game Point Card.
Thought about that with Freeze the Flesh on a magic-user for easier control.

Hazards were rocks in the show for this player. On-guard will release cards faster.
Abductor was removed for Orcrish Marauders. Vaurak removed with Vuk for Slayers
allowing easier creatures to be played. Demon of Vatra removed for Sand Devil.
One copy of Lesinavi, Cobra, and Sloth Bear brings Marsh-drake.

Endless Whispers and Siege removed for Come Forth. That new hazard forces movement
by an opponent's faction. This will hurt the low prowess hero factions. Something Else at Work
removed for Eyes of the Shadow. Yes! That hazard finally released into the Avatar Decks. Why not?
It fits the Ringwraith nicely. Only Four He Has and Subtle Treachery added in place of Doors of Night.
Subtle Treachery? Use at home site or does the agent must stay at the site?
A copy of Speak Friend and Enter removed for Tidings of Bold Spies for a fast hazard.
Realm of the Sea-king added for a copy of Nobody's Friend.

Clouds added too! The stubborness of saving hazards for the Power decks is crumbling. Only one copy of Clouds added
to not trouble minion players. This is the Storm-king so the event is fitting for him. This player
can time the use of the card by playing it when he is last in the mini-turns allowing the chance
for it to be discarded early if the player is first for the next turn.

Overall, I think the hazards are cleaner with use and flexibility against other divisions.
updated deck after practice game
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