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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Greenfield » Mon Apr 02, 2018 9:31 pm

Hi all,

I'm in the UK. I was a player and collector from just after the original launch of the game – started with the Unlimited Edition set, then collected Dragons onwards from launch. I used to play four or five player games most weekends for a couple of years through the main run of the game – I was less active through the White Hand and Against the Shadow era, but am lucky enough to have pretty much everything else, including both Balrog sets.

I've been refreshing my memory and looking back over the sets while re-organising them (a lot of my cards had been living in their decks stashed away in boxes for a few years) and even filling in a few gaps.

I still love that Middle-earth is a CCG with storytelling at its heart – maybe it's overly complex and a bit of a sprawling mess in some ways, but to me that all seems to be a product of a really earnest, sincere attempt to incorporate everything that's always made Tolkien so intriguing and so compelling for so many people. The sets all feel like real labours of love and I've really enjoyed rediscovering them.

But… it seems like there aren't an awful lot of active players or collectors in the UK – at least not that I can see from this forum. Any tips?

All the best,


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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Khamul the Easterling » Tue Apr 03, 2018 7:19 pm

Welcome to the Forum!
You might consider being listed on the Global players list (contact the Jabberwock for this purpose). The longer it gets, the easier to find other fellows nearby.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by CardboardClash » Fri Apr 06, 2018 2:21 pm

Hello there, I am a brand new player. In fact, I got my very first game in last night by playing the Introductory match from the two player set, teaching a buddy as we went. We both enjoyed the experience and will be playing again this coming Tuesday.

I played Magic back in the early 2000's but got out of it after my playing group split. I dabbled in the Star Wars: Destiny scene last year and got out when I realized their aggressive release schedule was going to bankrupt anyone trying to keep up. I also play the Final Fantasy Trading Card Game super-casual with one buddy who is really into the game.

But this...this is my game here. That one play last night confirmed it, and it cemented its status alongside the Lord of the Rings LCG as the game my buddy and I will be playing every time we're together.

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Re: Introduce yourself

Post by Baduila » Sun Jun 17, 2018 4:49 pm

Hello all,

Long term UK based MECCG player from back in the day. Was very active including organising tournaments and running our council (Council of Bree). Haven't played in years but kept all my cards.

Due to travelling a lot with work recently ive gotten into playing solitaire scenarios. Just pack a deck in my bag and keeps me occupied.

Forgot how much I lpved this game. Might have to take my cheesy Balrog deck to a tournament somewhere :twisted:

Good to see the game is still being played and the Council Of Elrond is still in operation.

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