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Multiplayer rules

Post by kober » Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:55 pm

Which rules do you use for multiplayer? A few different variants ought to be included in Middle-earth: The Wizards Companion, but I do not own the book. Are these rules available online? If not, they might be something to populate with.

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Re: Multiplayer rules

Post by Theo » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:48 am

No comments from all the crazy collectors?

I think the MELE rules are poor.

My changes:
* only 2/5 hazard must be creatures (instead of 1/2... anyone know where that came from?)
* hazard draw is split between opponents, cycling backward through resource turn order
* hazard play is allowed by all opponents, but priority again cycles backward through resource turn order
* limits on hazard effects per turn (such as agent actions) apply on accumulations through all of your hazard turns in between your resource turns
* similarly the one discard allowed at the end of your hazard turn occurs at the end of all of your hazard turns, just before your resource turn

In my mental theory, the reverse-hazard cycle promotes a slightly less dangerous hazard experience than forward cycling. This is a step toward offsetting the generally scarier multiplayer hazard side.

Breaking with the story for the sake of play experience, I've also tried only having unique rules apply separately to each player. Particularly in games with more than 3 players it helps mitigate players have the majority of their cards blocked, especially if there is an imbalance between Hero/Minion decks (although the same-side squabbles leading to their demise is also poetic).

The admitted downside to these rules is that the players have to be really attentive and communicative when playing their hazards (or more specifically, when they are NOT playing) or things tend to slow down a lot.
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