Submission Rules - Please Read

Any rule erratum or clarification submission for the upcoming ARV should be posted here.
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Submission Rules - Please Read

Post by the Jabberwock » Mon Feb 05, 2018 7:10 pm

Hello All -

Please abide by the following rules when making a post in this forum:

- All new topics created in this forum should be made only to recommend a rule erratum or clarification for the upcoming Annual Rules Vote. If you want to have general discussion about a rule but are not making a recommendation for consideration by the ROC, please do not post here. Instead post in the main CoE / Rules & Errata forum viewforum.php?f=68 OR if you have rules questions, please post in the Rules Questions forum viewforum.php?f=16

- If a submission is specific to a particular card, please put the card name (and only the card name) as the title of your topic.

- If a submission is not specific to a particular card, please use a concise and clear description of the issue as the title of your topic.

- If you feel there has already been relevant discussion related to your submission, please make a link in your topic to the relevant thread.

- If you want to submit a topic which already has its own dedicated thread specific to a rules erratum or clarification, please PM me and I will have the entire thread moved into this forum.

Topics which do not follow the above guidance will be edited or moved as necessary. These rules are for organization purposes and to make it easier for all to navigate the forum.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation and engagement!

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