WTT Fimm Mc Cools haves and wants (English)

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WTT Fimm Mc Cools haves and wants (English)

Post by fimm mccool » Thu Jun 28, 2018 11:06 am

Hi there.
I am looking to trade for the following cards if anyone can help:

Wizards Unlimited- Variag Camp, Minas Morgul, Southrons, Gwaihir, Roac the Raven, Tom Bombadil, Denethor II, Galva, Haldlam, Vygavril, Indur Dawndeath, Bilbo, Easterlings, Shadowfax.

The Dragons- Fram Framson, Nenselde the Wingilid.

Dark Minions- Iron Deeps, Sulfur Deeps, Under Courts, Under Galleries, Wormtongue.

Lidless Eye- Hill Trolls, Beornings, Dunlendings, Hillmen, Ice Orcs, Uruk Hai, Wargs of the Forochel, Woses of the Eryn Vorn, Blue Mountain Dwarf Hold, Dol Amroth, Iron Hill Dwarf Hold, The Stones, The Worthy Hills, The Warg King, Two-Headed Troll, Lieutenant of Angmar, Lieutenant of Morgul, Lieutenant of Dol Guldor, Ulkaur the Tongueless, Last Child of Ungoliant.

Against the Shadow- Petty Dwarves (Hero and Minion), Angmarim (Minion), Cirith Gorgor (Hero), Edhellond (Minion), Framsburg (Minion), Grey Havens (Minion), Lorien (Minion), Rivendell (Minion), Lady of the Golden Wood, Master of the House, Saruman the Wise.

The White Hand- Arcane School.

Cards I have to trade are kept updated here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1CK1 ... sp=sharing Mostly Uncommons (from all sets) but the Rares I have are:

Wizards Limited- Smaug, Daelomin

Wizards Unlimited- Smaug, Daelomin

Dragons- Agburanar At Home, Leucaruth At Home, Prowess of Might, Subtlety of Guile

Located in the UK. Hope that's of interest to somebody. :)

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