CoE Official Errata - introduction

All errata issued by the CoE will be found here.
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CoE Official Errata - introduction

Post by Thorsten the Traveller » Sat Sep 01, 2012 6:46 pm

Dear MECCG community.

We your Council of Elrond representatives take upon ourselves the duty and responsability to issue errata for our game.
For so many years since the demise of ICE, no errata and/or new rules have been issued.
The Council of Elrond has already instituted a rules judge - the NetRep-, whose task it is to explain, clarify and judge in matters of rules and cards.
Rulings and clarifications as issued by the NetRep can sometimes result in changes for our game, but if so, they are not intentional and not guided.

Thus the Council of Elrond will propose intentional changes to rules and/or cards, and put them in front of the community for a vote.
We do this because:
1) Certain conflicts in cards and rules are still unresolved, or resolved unsatisfactorily
2) Better balance in the game results in a more enjoyable gaming experience and will keep the game alive in the uncertain future

The number of errata will remain low, and each proposal will be very carefully considered by a team of experts (including the NetRep), and weighed with regards to clarity, effectivity and efficiency.

The errata will be officially Council of Elrond sanctioned and thus applied in any tournament setting and form part of any judge program.

For each Erratum Proposal a vote will be held during a period of 3 weeks. This voting period shall be announced in a Newsletter.
For a Erratum Proposal to be accepted, no more than 33% of the electorate (being the members of the Council of Elrond forum) must cast a 'nay' vote, and at least 50% of the votes cast must be a 'yea'

Any member of the community who whishes to make a proposal to the Council of Elrond for a possible erratum, or whishes to discuss a proposal, is free to do so on the section of this board called CoE Rules & Errata - please keep this section free for official proposals only.

We hope you will cast your vote, share your opinion, and carry this project with us.

Eric Dané, on behalf of the Council of Elrond.
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